ISWIK is an initiative formed by a number of Associations & Corporates all representing the interest of the common man during this trying times.

ISWIK Objectives:

Provision of PPEs to 40,000 homesteads of communities rendered jobless by Covid-19

Distribution of food hampers to 40,000 homesteads of those rendered jobless by Covid-19

Provision of 200,000 COVID-19 educational material to 40,000 homesteads.

Provision of 100 Water tanks

About I Stand With Kenya ISWIK

I STAND WITH KENYA (ISWIK) is an initiative formed by a number of Associations & Corporates all representing the interest of the common man during this trying times.

We on the verge of a pandemic the outcomes of which will be a recession and a depression. History will judge us if we stand to DO THE RIGHT THING.

This group appeals to Corporates and well-wishers alike to join hands and help the needy common Kenyan enjoy His Right to Food, Health and Housing.

Kill Hunger Virus,or Corona Virus will Kill us All

COVID-19 Kenya

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The advent of COVID 19 pandemic has got the whole World unprepared with no apparent strategy to carp the spread of coronavirus. According to the Daily Nation dated 7th April 2020 page 3, Africa has nine thousand four hundred and fourteen thousand confirmed cases, four hundred and forty five, deaths and nine hundred an nine recovered cases.

In Kenya confirmed cases by 7th April, 2020 were one hundred and fifty eight, with six deaths and four recovered with the graph going upwards by day and night.

The crisis brought by the pandemic has rendered millions of Kenyans jobless and others on unpaid leave. The business sector has also been affected with hospitality industry being the most affected yet it employs the majority. The Jua kali sector including, Matatu drivers, Conductors, Touts, Boda Boda riders, hawkers and other small scale business operators are going home with way less than half their income.

There is need to encourage Kenyan Citizens to embrace the spirit of patriotism following the panic and fear overriding the need to get everyone involved. ISWIK initiative has thus provided an opportunity for Citizens in the private sector to work with those in the public sector to support the Government of Kenya to overcome the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Why Stand With Kenya


Steps taken so far in Kenya to contain the spread of Covid-19 are being implemented all over the World: However, they are not enough because the number of patients is increasing every day. In a few weeks, the number of patients in Kenya are projected to hit thousands, with more confirmed cases and imminent deaths.

Therefore, if no improvement is witnessed in social distancing behavioral patterns, provision of personal protective equipment (PPEs) and creating awareness, the crisis will balloon beyond our capability to contain.

Currently the economy is on partial lockdown and the entire educational sector crippled. Churches have been halted and most businesses have been suspended.

The government is at the forefront in leading with a stimulus plan that will help the country in managing the pandemic. It is necessary for every citizen to step up and join the government by adhering to the basic instructions and procedures.

The ISWIK Team

We have come together with other patriotic stakeholders to form I Stand With Kenya (ISWIK) to help the Government to manage COVID’19 pandemic.

Matatus Drivers & Conductors Welfare Association

Matatu Owners & Boda Boda Federation

Justice & Freedom Party of Kenya

The Church in Kenya

National IDPs Leaders’ Forum

Hasham Savings Cooperatives Limited

Boda Boda Riders’ Association

RENTCO Africa Limited



ISWIK initiative covers the entire 47 Counties in Kenya beginning with; Nairobi Metropolitan including Kiambaa, Ruiru, Thika, Matungulu, Mavoko, Kajiado, Ngong, Nairobi area, Kwale Kilifi and Mombasa. The areas are mapped out with different activities in specific areas within the next one month.


Our main operation will be on a door-to-door campaign and marketing through print and audio media platforms. Activities will include fumigation, distribution of food hamper, masks, sanitizers, gloves and observing general protective measures.

We also continue engaging the legislative arm of government through lobbying to meet our objectives through our ISWIK team and incorporating different multi-sectors and a dedicated volunteers from other partners fighting the same cause.

We shall therefore remain open to allow any other individual or organization to join us along the way until the situation goes back to normalcy.

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Justus Juma +254718212888 (Chairman)
Micah Mathenge +254714553369 (Vice Chairman)
Dr. Owinyi Christine +254735200625 (Secretary General)


Account Name: Hasham Sacco Ltd
Account Number: 0261183246
Bank: Equity,
Branch: Fourways